Daniel Silverstein is a new york based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer. 

In 2017 his story and brand went viral with more than 20 million views worldwide on features in Now This and Insider sharing his mission to end waste in the fashion industry one scrap at a time. 

Daniel first gained the attention of both the buyers and shoppers across America on season 2 of the NBC reality competition, Fashion Star, in 2013.  

From there, celebrities including Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Bell and Amber Valletta were seen at red carpet events and on magazine covers across the US and England in his couture zero waste designs.

In 2016 daniel embarked on a new journey with the creation of zero waste daniel.

Zero Waste Daniel, or ZWD, is a line of genderless basics fabricated completely from pre-consumer waste from New York’s Garment Industry in a transparent storefront factory in Brooklyn where each piece produced diverts roughly one pound of textile waste from landfill. 

Now in it's 3rd year, Zero Waste Daniel has transformed literal tons of scrap material into a growing business.