i just exited the chrysalis: a portrait

back in march, i took what turned out to be a completely transformative trip to los angeles. where the short, i just exited the chrysalis was filmed by @scarletinni and @corycwaters.  as things often happen in life, my long road lead me right to where i belonged.  just one year earlier, zero waste daniel was a fledgeling company. mia and emelie had not yet joined the team, julia was still in school at FIT and was not yet working full time, and @Packagefreeshop was still nine months away from its inception. as i came to la on the cusp of the birth of package free, and a new chapter with zwd, i found myself in an old, familiar place. back in 2012, i filmed season two of fashion star at universal studios, a place that both gave me a start, and built me a cage. i struggled to break out of the box of how i was perceived for some time thereafter, ultimately giving up the notion of succeeding in fashion altogether. it was the complete abandonment of attachment to the outcome that ultimately lead me to the creation of zero waste daniel. zero waste daniel is a clothing company, but it’s so much more. i am zero waste daniel. i live my values. no waste at home, no waste at work, no waste in life. it was that exact philosophy that allowed me to take my new self to this old place. in 2012, there would have been no occasion to film this short. The awkward and insecure young designer who came here 6 years ago could not have stood proudly in front of a camera and said this is who I am. I gave up the idea of being who I thought i should be, and i finally am just who i am. “to be free, one must give up a little part of oneself.” -John Cameron Mitchell

note from the director:

my name is scarlet moreno and I'm an LA based director and stylist. i recently directed and styled an experimental short fashion film called "I Just Exited the Chrysalis" as an exclusive feature. it stars fashion designer Daniel Silverstein and was shot by cinematographer Corey C. Waters

custom couture

have you heard? couture is making a comeback, and we've got you covered, zero-waste style. whatever you need for your upcoming snazzy events, weddings, or black tie occasions, we can co-create it with you. our custom process is as follows: 

custom orders have a lead time of 12 weeks, not including shipping time, and start at $3,000. the custom order process includes a design consultation, 3 sketches, approved design, sample swatches of materials, and  a fitting to ensure the perfect fit! with custom orders daniel would have a call with you to discuss your design wants and needs, after the call with a non-committing and non-refundable deposit of $200, daniel would sketch 3 different designs for you to choose from. 

you can email us at info@zerowastedaniel.com for more information, and to set up a consultation!


zero waste energy bites

the first rule of the zero waste club: be prepared.

just like you bring your produce bags and totes to the farmer’s market, you should always be prepared so that you don’t have to rely on one-time use items.

one of our favorite ways to stay waste free throughout the day is by having some homemade snacks on hand. it can be something as simple as a piece of fruit, but at the zero waste daniel make/shop, we love sharing one recipe that’s easy to make with bulk ingredients. these zero waste energy bites are emelie, our zwd textile artist's take on a recipe from the back of a flaxseed meal product. oh and did we mention they are 100% vegan!

try it out for yourself – we promise you’ll love it. 

zero waste energy bites:

1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup ground flaxseed meal
1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter
1/2 cup honey or maple syrup
1tsp vanilla extract
coconut shavings (optional) 

1. in order to be the most zero waste emelie brought bulk peanuts at whole foods and processed them into peanut butter using a food processor. we find that making your own peanut butter not only is more zero waste but also tastes ten times better! 

2. she then did the same with the ground flaxseed meal by buying bulk flax seeds and processing them into flaxseed meal using a food processor.  (hint hint: investing in a food processor will save you money and tons of waste!)

3. mix all of the ingredients in a bowl.

4. throw it all back into the food processor to break down the oats and create more of a paste that will make for easier rolling. 

5. make one inch balls and roll them in coconut shavings

6. for best results refrigerate over night and enjoy the next day! 


getting the ingredients package-free:

the best part about using simple ingredients is that you can easily find them in bulk stores. the nuts, oatmeal, and flaxseeds we used can all be found at a local natural store. emelie loves visiting the bulk section of whole foods for all her ingredients. if you’re unable to find these specific ingredients, you can just as easily swap them out for different ones, like pumpkin seeds instead of nuts, chocolate chips instead of coconut shavings, and dates instead of honey or maple syrup. you can also check out package free shop for our favorite reusable bags and containers, perfect for grabbing ingredients for this recipe.

recipe by zwd team member emelie bergh. blog post contributed by sabrina katz. 

zero waste, it's all about the "gift with purchase"

In order to live a more streamlined, waste free life, I don't need to run out and buy things or change how I do stuff.

Finding re-usable solutions from your favorite existing brands works like a charm. Just remember, what most people call trash, I like to think of as a gift with purchase!

Take ZWD for example. With every purchase, you receive a business card, a hair tie, a safety pin, a reusable jar, and a cardboard box. All of our packaging is reusable and/or recyclable. 

Use your ZWD jars at the bulk section in the grocery store, pot a plant in it, or use it for storage at your tool bench! Other ideas? Comment below! 

And now, if you no longer need your box, your jar, your hair tie, safety pin or business card, send them back! 

Select this option at checkout, and for an extra $3, you will receive a return shipping label so you can ship any and all of your un-wanted packaging back to us! 

So, treat yourself, zero waste style...and enjoy your gifts with purchase!


why, yes we can make that!

meet JJ. he is the genius behind 1926, an adorable brand celebrating the glamour of the 20's, and the style of the city!

 jj fondrisi, founder of 1926 in custom ZWD joggers

jj fondrisi, founder of 1926 in custom ZWD joggers

1926 is inspired by the fashion illustrations of JJ's grandfather, Joe Fondrisi. his sketches adorn the tee-shirts, notecards, pins and other assorted goodies you can find at 1926 just a few feet away from Zero Waste Daniel in the Broadway Market!

as a thrifty designer, and style icon in his own right, JJ saw a brilliant opportunity to upcycle his old 1926 stock in to an epic ensemble fit for an icon. 

the question: can you make me custom joggers out of 1926 tee-shirts?

the answer: why, yes we can make that!

using 4 tee's, we were able to take the material apart, and ReRoll them into brand new yardage to make THESE:

Now you can get your ZWD customized too for just 50 bucks! Add your desired product to the cart, and then click the link on the product page and fill out the form describing your desired customizations from length, to color to necklines and more, we've got you covered! Then just add your $50 customization to the cart and checkout! Please allow up to 3 weeks for you custom order to ship.

Give it a try today, and you could be looking as fly as JJ in a few days! Click here to explore your own custom ZWD!