martha, my dear.

being a part of a martha stewart event is something i have always felt lot of anxiety about.

until this past week i had never met martha stewart personally. i had seen many of her shows, her cooking, crafting, gardening and entertainment segments. as a child, i remember watching her make a beautiful wedding cake with the late great julia child. it was the marzipan fruit she made and dusted with soft pigment atop a simple but so elegantly crafted cake, her tone about what was "good" and more than anything and how PERFECT everything she made was. it's funny, martha actually says at one point,

"we don't want any to go to waste."

so, thanks martha, for the tips early on in forming my maker's approach.  i was mystified, see for yourself. she even gives a tip for what to do with leftover bubble wrap. do you see where i get this from?

i decided right then that she was one of my favorite people. 

The martha stewart american made 2015 summit this past weekend was incredibly inspiring and i encourage you to look at the wonderful makers she has honored and featured at the summit along with people such as ariana huffington and the founders of refinery 29 and dry bar. 

with the holidays just around the corner, supporting companies that are making in the u.s.a. helps revitalize our economy and support jobs around the country. one of my favorite finds was the 80 acres verde hand and body lotion infused with california olive oil!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the folks from an incredible fabric and paper printing source for small designers, crafters, businesses and students! I think their work is amazing, but judge for yourself. These are some of the zero waste prints they have done for me.

i left feeling inspired, enlightened and overjoyed! being at a martha stewart event is a really good thing.