zero waste, it's all about the "gift with purchase"

In order to live a more streamlined, waste free life, I don't need to run out and buy things or change how I do stuff.

Finding re-usable solutions from your favorite existing brands works like a charm. Just remember, what most people call trash, I like to think of as a gift with purchase!

Take ZWD for example. With every purchase, you receive a business card, a hair tie, a safety pin, a reusable jar, and a cardboard box. All of our packaging is reusable and/or recyclable. 

Use your ZWD jars at the bulk section in the grocery store, pot a plant in it, or use it for storage at your tool bench! Other ideas? Comment below! 

And now, if you no longer need your box, your jar, your hair tie, safety pin or business card, send them back! 

Select this option at checkout, and for an extra $3, you will receive a return shipping label so you can ship any and all of your un-wanted packaging back to us! 

So, treat yourself, zero waste style...and enjoy your gifts with purchase!