why, yes we can make that!

meet JJ. he is the genius behind 1926, an adorable brand celebrating the glamour of the 20's, and the style of the city!

jj fondrisi, founder of 1926 in custom ZWD joggers

jj fondrisi, founder of 1926 in custom ZWD joggers

1926 is inspired by the fashion illustrations of JJ's grandfather, Joe Fondrisi. his sketches adorn the tee-shirts, notecards, pins and other assorted goodies you can find at 1926 just a few feet away from Zero Waste Daniel in the Broadway Market!

as a thrifty designer, and style icon in his own right, JJ saw a brilliant opportunity to upcycle his old 1926 stock in to an epic ensemble fit for an icon. 

the question: can you make me custom joggers out of 1926 tee-shirts?

the answer: why, yes we can make that!

using 4 tee's, we were able to take the material apart, and ReRoll them into brand new yardage to make THESE:

Now you can get your ZWD customized too for just 50 bucks! Add your desired product to the cart, and then click the link on the product page and fill out the form describing your desired customizations from length, to color to necklines and more, we've got you covered! Then just add your $50 customization to the cart and checkout! Please allow up to 3 weeks for you custom order to ship.

Give it a try today, and you could be looking as fly as JJ in a few days! Click here to explore your own custom ZWD!