i just exited the chrysalis: a portrait

back in march, i took what turned out to be a completely transformative trip to los angeles. where the short, i just exited the chrysalis was filmed by @scarletinni and @corycwaters.  as things often happen in life, my long road lead me right to where i belonged.  just one year earlier, zero waste daniel was a fledgeling company. mia and emelie had not yet joined the team, julia was still in school at FIT and was not yet working full time, and @Packagefreeshop was still nine months away from its inception. as i came to la on the cusp of the birth of package free, and a new chapter with zwd, i found myself in an old, familiar place. back in 2012, i filmed season two of fashion star at universal studios, a place that both gave me a start, and built me a cage. i struggled to break out of the box of how i was perceived for some time thereafter, ultimately giving up the notion of succeeding in fashion altogether. it was the complete abandonment of attachment to the outcome that ultimately lead me to the creation of zero waste daniel. zero waste daniel is a clothing company, but it’s so much more. i am zero waste daniel. i live my values. no waste at home, no waste at work, no waste in life. it was that exact philosophy that allowed me to take my new self to this old place. in 2012, there would have been no occasion to film this short. The awkward and insecure young designer who came here 6 years ago could not have stood proudly in front of a camera and said this is who I am. I gave up the idea of being who I thought i should be, and i finally am just who i am. “to be free, one must give up a little part of oneself.” -John Cameron Mitchell

note from the director:

my name is scarlet moreno and I'm an LA based director and stylist. i recently directed and styled an experimental short fashion film called "I Just Exited the Chrysalis" as an exclusive feature. it stars fashion designer Daniel Silverstein and was shot by cinematographer Corey C. Waters