This past summer I was introduced to an incredible tool for my business, Google Pixelbook. After working with my Pixelbook for only a few days, I fell in love. It was a seamless integration into my workflow - this tool started to be my new right hand!

I quickly realized that I could not only do everything I need to run my business efficiently but it simply made my life easier. Using Google Calendar, gmail and Google docs made it so much easier to collaborate with my colleagues over email and in budget documents, you name it. It also became my go-to tool creativity, using Infinite Painter on Pixelbook to design patches and Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos and post them straight to Instagram, all without the need of another device. Pixelbook BLEW MY MIND.  

Streamlining and efficiency is important to means a designer, entrepreneur, and environmentalist in order to get my work done.

That’s how I came up with the idea of the #ZWDxPixelbook Pop Up Shop! Fully equipped with Pixelbooks for checkout, design, social media, and even for DIY workshops, this is what sustainability can look like in the future.

Come by the #ZWDxPixelbook Pop Up open now through January 2019.

photos by Aidan Loughran and Cait Ochs

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