fashion revolution

does 'zero waste' really matter?

when i am out and about sporting zwd, i get stopped a lot! people say things like
     "that's a really cool shirt!" 
     "you're a designer, did you make that?" 
and when i explain that yes, i did...or mia, krystyna, julia, and i did, they say "i love the concept!"

but every now and then, since we are in new york, i get a sceptic. someone who asks the question, yea, but does being "zero waste" really matter, or is that just a niche market or a pr stunt?

and my answer is this:

daniel on a pile of scraps,  brooklyn 2015

daniel on a pile of scraps, brooklyn 2015

is THIS really the world we want to be living in? is this worth having cheap clothes? is it?

this is a real factory in brooklyn that carts 15 cubic yards of waste to landfill each week, but the volume at which they produce cuttings is too fast, they can not afford to keep up with carting it away, so they let it pile up inside their factory. 

now, this is bad for a number of reasons. 

  1. it is totally a fire hazard
  2. having it carted away creates a huge operating expense for the business
  3. the fabric hoard takes up space that they have to pay rent for

...just to name a few. and here are some of the beautiful zero waste fashion that were created out of this very pile:

the fashion industry is huge. it touches all of us pretty-much every day of our lives. everything that you are wearing while you read this was likely made in a factory where this fabric hoard and waste are a daily reality. 

the guardian claimed that one fast fashion brand could produce 1,000 tons of fabric waste in 48 hours! thats enough to make 2 MILLION pieces of zwd.  and they do, every day. 

so, i guess i would have to ask you, what you think?

does "zero waste" matter?

if you think it does, tell me. leave a comment, tweet about it. share these photos, and help #keepapoundoutoftheground with your own zwd. 

mto, fyi.

mto, made to order, is a "build your own" feature of customizable, one of a kind and AFFORDABLE daniel silverstein style.

it's wedding season! you know that feeling of looking in your closet? you have nothing to wear. 
you want something special, but you're sick of seeing the same boring stuff on the racks.
nothing fits right, and there are HUNDREDS of them running around. 
you're a nervous wreck worrying someone will show up in the same dress!

daniel silverstein mto is the answer to your prayer. check out some recent mto styles, and see how to build your own!


look I

eco lifetyle pioneer and fashion icon marci zaroff  turned heads at the copenhagen fashion summit this week in a zero waste mto piece.
 this look is comprised of: 

top: body con

neckline: mock turtle neck

sleeves: long sleeve

jumpsuit: palazzo pant

top fabric: mesh, color #51 (wine)

bottom fabric: silk

embellishments: none

trims: black

zipper: exposed

mz - can we do a zwd style top with an ombre from red to black and mix sheer and opaque?

ds - absolutely! love where this is going.

mz - can there be slits on the sides?

ds - yes! I have this cool idea for having pockets on the sides coming out from the slits! i have been dying to do this for something, i think it would look perfect on this piece!

mz - what trends are hot that we can incoperate?

ds - what about using rose gold for the exposed zipper? it's a super hot metallic accent, and would go back to the red tones on the top beautifully.

look II



celebrity stylist sarah jay had a vision for her own take on ZWD for the copenhagen fashion summit!
this look is comprised of: 

top: flowing

neckline: crew neck

sleeves: long sleeve

jumpsuit: trouser

top fabric: none

bottom fabric: none

embellishments: none

trims: dyed to match

zipper: none


sj - I love the long sleeve raglan in white and wondered - ABOUT CUSTOM PANTS. could you do a customized version of this outfit with a more flowing top?  

ds - you got it! 


love the idea of an mto piece, but still want a little direction? email us, and we will set up a time to walk you through the process! from concept to checkout, we will hold your hand step by step. 

email us at with:

  • your name
  • the date of your event
  • a general idea of what you want 
  • and upload a recent photo of yourself (full length please)

and we will take it from there!

for more details on how mto works, click here.


marci  kept it fresh in an mto romper as she hosted the sustainable business council's annual award ceremony's green carpet! 
this look is comprised of: 

top: body con

neckline: crew neck

sleeves: long sleeve

jumpsuit: romper

top fabric: mesh

bottom fabric: silk

embellishments: none

trims: dyed to match

zipper: exposed


mz - can we add a detail or metallic trim to make it POP & a wide gold belt for a longer waist?

ds - you got it!