lbd's if you please.

lbd, little black dresses, are essential styles for your wardrobe. comprised of my best selling pieces from the past 5 years, lbd's are the ultimate crowd favorites, available for you, when you need, in your favorite color!

rather than sifting through hundreds of dresses on the rack, and facing the horror of the fitting room mirror, pick out your favorite lbd in any of our colors!!! 

sally ekus turned our lonika dress into a maid-of-honor sensation at her best friend's boho-chic wedding!

sally's order: 
style: lonika dress
color: 292

get your lonika dress today, or shop any of our lbd's here!

*sally emailed us to see if she could come in to be measured, which made fitting this piece a breeze! we were able to have her swatches to approve there at the same time so she could confirm the color in person! have a question about your order? email us!

designing for love.

this summer, i came to focus on love. love of nature, love of design and my own personal love, my fiancé, ryan. my new collection is designed for couples like mine. real couples. straight, gay and from all different backgrounds, real love is all over new york, and here are four couples who have shown me that zero waste is modern, sexy and most of all real. 

the urban hippies.

real couple bonnie & eric have been married since 2009. you will find them on on manhattan's upper west side buying local produce and humane meats tucked int heir re-usable totes and zero waste glass tupperwares. 


the damn fine artists. 

real couple maia & kim have been married since 2012. no strangers to the zero waste life, these two compost their produce from the park slope food coop. 


the androgyn-ists

real couple danielle & max have been together for 3 years. big fans of biking and public transportation these two world travelers bounce between new york, berlin, los angeles and more with reusable totes and all natural and organic bath products. 


that couple of yogis.

real couple kayleigh & doug have been together for one year. kayleigh is a yoga instructor and grad student studying integrative heath on the west cost. while doug is in new york, they are keeping their love alive long-distance with their instagram account @thatcoupleofyogis


a huge thank you to the couples who modeled for these photos.

natural crystal jewelry by made in earth

vegan shoes by bourgeois boheme