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beyond zwd, urban punk pride.

i am head over heels (literally!!!) in love with beyond skin. this amazing vegan and vegetarian shoe brand out of the UK, is serving up fashionable footwear without hurting our furry friends. I love the style combo they included ZWD in! we are the urban punks. get your zwd, beyond skin and more cruelty-free fashion on

zwd daniel silverstein in beyond skins urban punk set

Urban Punk

  1. Long Sleeve Raglan Print, Daniel Silverstein, $88. This jumper has the saturation levels turned up on full, injecting instant colour and energy into this look. This designer’s latest collection is called ZWD, standing for Zero Waste Daniel. No prizes for guessing that it’s comprised of 100% pre-consumer cutting room waste (it does what it says on the tin). What you might not have guessed is how each of these fragmented collages of textile waste could become such slick, razor-sharp pieces, ideal for turning heads and standing out from the crowd.
  2. Lila Jeansrock, ArmedAngels, £58.47. This clean and simple denim skirt is made using 94.4% GOTS certified organic cotton and 5.6% spandex. Throughout their designs, they use modal and tencel, that we’ve mentioned before on our blog for having sterling sustainable credentials. They’re currently working with the Fair Wear Foundation and Fairtrade to implement their high standards throughout their supply chain at every level. This denim skirt is a classic piece, and would benefit your summer wardrobe and the people who made it.
  3. Stud Earrings Geometric Triangle in ZigZag, Lucie Ellen. We spotted Lucie Ellen’s sweet little jewellery designs in the tail end of last year when the Observer Ethical Awards 2015 were announced, and Here Today Here Tomorrow was a runner up, and they stocked Lucie Ellen. They’re made using just wood, varnish, glue, paper, and silver-plated steel, and they come in an entire rainbow of colours, and then some. She’s currently on her holidays so isn’t taking orders, but do add her page to your bookmarks all the same.
  4. Maggie Rose Gold Flatform, Beyond Skin, £120. Following on from the urban vibe of the jumper, it felt only right to choose flatforms to go with it. And our Maggie sandals are the (rose) gold standard in sustainable shoes. They’re fitted with padded insoles and flexi soles and are super comfy, fit for wearing for weeks at a time (excluding sleeping and showering, of course). Don’t forget, you can get £10 off these sandals at the moment with code kittens10, so snap up your pair post haste!

does 'zero waste' really matter?

when i am out and about sporting zwd, i get stopped a lot! people say things like
     "that's a really cool shirt!" 
     "you're a designer, did you make that?" 
and when i explain that yes, i did...or mia, krystyna, julia, and i did, they say "i love the concept!"

but every now and then, since we are in new york, i get a sceptic. someone who asks the question, yea, but does being "zero waste" really matter, or is that just a niche market or a pr stunt?

and my answer is this:

daniel on a pile of scraps,  brooklyn 2015

daniel on a pile of scraps, brooklyn 2015

is THIS really the world we want to be living in? is this worth having cheap clothes? is it?

this is a real factory in brooklyn that carts 15 cubic yards of waste to landfill each week, but the volume at which they produce cuttings is too fast, they can not afford to keep up with carting it away, so they let it pile up inside their factory. 

now, this is bad for a number of reasons. 

  1. it is totally a fire hazard
  2. having it carted away creates a huge operating expense for the business
  3. the fabric hoard takes up space that they have to pay rent for

...just to name a few. and here are some of the beautiful zero waste fashion that were created out of this very pile:

the fashion industry is huge. it touches all of us pretty-much every day of our lives. everything that you are wearing while you read this was likely made in a factory where this fabric hoard and waste are a daily reality. 

the guardian claimed that one fast fashion brand could produce 1,000 tons of fabric waste in 48 hours! thats enough to make 2 MILLION pieces of zwd.  and they do, every day. 

so, i guess i would have to ask you, what you think?

does "zero waste" matter?

if you think it does, tell me. leave a comment, tweet about it. share these photos, and help #keepapoundoutoftheground with your own zwd. 

lbd's if you please.

lbd, little black dresses, are essential styles for your wardrobe. comprised of my best selling pieces from the past 5 years, lbd's are the ultimate crowd favorites, available for you, when you need, in your favorite color!

rather than sifting through hundreds of dresses on the rack, and facing the horror of the fitting room mirror, pick out your favorite lbd in any of our colors!!! 

sally ekus turned our lonika dress into a maid-of-honor sensation at her best friend's boho-chic wedding!

sally's order: 
style: lonika dress
color: 292

get your lonika dress today, or shop any of our lbd's here!

*sally emailed us to see if she could come in to be measured, which made fitting this piece a breeze! we were able to have her swatches to approve there at the same time so she could confirm the color in person! have a question about your order? email us!

mto, fyi.

mto, made to order, is a "build your own" feature of customizable, one of a kind and AFFORDABLE daniel silverstein style.

it's wedding season! you know that feeling of looking in your closet? you have nothing to wear. 
you want something special, but you're sick of seeing the same boring stuff on the racks.
nothing fits right, and there are HUNDREDS of them running around. 
you're a nervous wreck worrying someone will show up in the same dress!

daniel silverstein mto is the answer to your prayer. check out some recent mto styles, and see how to build your own!


look I

eco lifetyle pioneer and fashion icon marci zaroff  turned heads at the copenhagen fashion summit this week in a zero waste mto piece.
 this look is comprised of: 

top: body con

neckline: mock turtle neck

sleeves: long sleeve

jumpsuit: palazzo pant

top fabric: mesh, color #51 (wine)

bottom fabric: silk

embellishments: none

trims: black

zipper: exposed

mz - can we do a zwd style top with an ombre from red to black and mix sheer and opaque?

ds - absolutely! love where this is going.

mz - can there be slits on the sides?

ds - yes! I have this cool idea for having pockets on the sides coming out from the slits! i have been dying to do this for something, i think it would look perfect on this piece!

mz - what trends are hot that we can incoperate?

ds - what about using rose gold for the exposed zipper? it's a super hot metallic accent, and would go back to the red tones on the top beautifully.

look II



celebrity stylist sarah jay had a vision for her own take on ZWD for the copenhagen fashion summit!
this look is comprised of: 

top: flowing

neckline: crew neck

sleeves: long sleeve

jumpsuit: trouser

top fabric: none

bottom fabric: none

embellishments: none

trims: dyed to match

zipper: none


sj - I love the long sleeve raglan in white and wondered - ABOUT CUSTOM PANTS. could you do a customized version of this outfit with a more flowing top?  

ds - you got it! 


love the idea of an mto piece, but still want a little direction? email us, and we will set up a time to walk you through the process! from concept to checkout, we will hold your hand step by step. 

email us at with:

  • your name
  • the date of your event
  • a general idea of what you want 
  • and upload a recent photo of yourself (full length please)

and we will take it from there!

for more details on how mto works, click here.


marci  kept it fresh in an mto romper as she hosted the sustainable business council's annual award ceremony's green carpet! 
this look is comprised of: 

top: body con

neckline: crew neck

sleeves: long sleeve

jumpsuit: romper

top fabric: mesh

bottom fabric: silk

embellishments: none

trims: dyed to match

zipper: exposed


mz - can we add a detail or metallic trim to make it POP & a wide gold belt for a longer waist?

ds - you got it! 

martha, my dear.

being a part of a martha stewart event is something i have always felt lot of anxiety about.

until this past week i had never met martha stewart personally. i had seen many of her shows, her cooking, crafting, gardening and entertainment segments. as a child, i remember watching her make a beautiful wedding cake with the late great julia child. it was the marzipan fruit she made and dusted with soft pigment atop a simple but so elegantly crafted cake, her tone about what was "good" and more than anything and how PERFECT everything she made was. it's funny, martha actually says at one point,

"we don't want any to go to waste."

so, thanks martha, for the tips early on in forming my maker's approach.  i was mystified, see for yourself. she even gives a tip for what to do with leftover bubble wrap. do you see where i get this from?

i decided right then that she was one of my favorite people. 

The martha stewart american made 2015 summit this past weekend was incredibly inspiring and i encourage you to look at the wonderful makers she has honored and featured at the summit along with people such as ariana huffington and the founders of refinery 29 and dry bar. 

with the holidays just around the corner, supporting companies that are making in the u.s.a. helps revitalize our economy and support jobs around the country. one of my favorite finds was the 80 acres verde hand and body lotion infused with california olive oil!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the folks from an incredible fabric and paper printing source for small designers, crafters, businesses and students! I think their work is amazing, but judge for yourself. These are some of the zero waste prints they have done for me.

i left feeling inspired, enlightened and overjoyed! being at a martha stewart event is a really good thing.

designing for love.

this summer, i came to focus on love. love of nature, love of design and my own personal love, my fiancé, ryan. my new collection is designed for couples like mine. real couples. straight, gay and from all different backgrounds, real love is all over new york, and here are four couples who have shown me that zero waste is modern, sexy and most of all real. 

the urban hippies.

real couple bonnie & eric have been married since 2009. you will find them on on manhattan's upper west side buying local produce and humane meats tucked int heir re-usable totes and zero waste glass tupperwares. 


the damn fine artists. 

real couple maia & kim have been married since 2012. no strangers to the zero waste life, these two compost their produce from the park slope food coop. 


the androgyn-ists

real couple danielle & max have been together for 3 years. big fans of biking and public transportation these two world travelers bounce between new york, berlin, los angeles and more with reusable totes and all natural and organic bath products. 


that couple of yogis.

real couple kayleigh & doug have been together for one year. kayleigh is a yoga instructor and grad student studying integrative heath on the west cost. while doug is in new york, they are keeping their love alive long-distance with their instagram account @thatcoupleofyogis


a huge thank you to the couples who modeled for these photos.

natural crystal jewelry by made in earth

vegan shoes by bourgeois boheme