1. what are my clothes made out of?
    your unique zwd clothes are made out of 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps.  

  2.  where do the scraps come from?
    the scraps come from production factories right here in brooklyn.

  3. how do i wash zwd?
    wash on cold and hang or lie flat to dry. we recommend washing with the simply co. laundry powder.

  4. will all the different fabrics make zwd fit weird?
    hell no. that’s the whole point. every fabric reacts differently so you can expect a range of stretch
    and drape from tile to tile, but we promise you will look pretty dope no matter what.

  5.  how do i know what size i am?
    take a look at our size chart here for the answer to that question.

  6. how much fabric is being saved from the landfill by purchasing a zwd product?
    for every piece of zwd purchased roughly a pound of fabric waste is kept from hitting a landfill.
    In 2016 my team, partners and I are attempting to save 3 tons of pre consumer textile waste.