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      long sleeve raglan                    jogger print                     long sleeve raglan
$175.00                                    black
               $88.00                                                                                  $88.00

long sleeve raglan sea foam

using a unique zero waste design process, this one of a kind shirt is handmade in brooklyn exclusively with high quality cutting room fabric scraps.


  • no two shirts are exactly alike.
  • each shirt's artistic "tiling" design is unique. 
  • solid color shirts feature textural variation.
  • we source our fabrics 100% in brooklyn
  • by purchasing a ZWD piece, you are supporting:
    • a reduction in textile pollution
    • local artisans and crafters
    • made in america
    • fair labor practices
    • a sustainable fashion habit

                      *size and fit are standard


NOTE: all shirts are shipped from our facility at manufacture new york in trendy mason jars to complete the zero waste experience. 

This item may take 3-5 days to ship. You will receive a notice once your item has left our facility.


photo is of size s. 

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