the piece project, part 4.

love it to pieces


Here Lauren enjoys the serene moments of night.  What's capturing her thoughts?  Her evening...her future...her kickstarter campaign?  We'll never know.  But what we do know is that she looks stunning in the mosaic dress, the final piece of the piece project.  Beautiful night, beautiful woman, beautiful dress.  Love it.

the piece project, part 3. 

piece of mind


What about the weekend? Lauren stays comfortable and chic in the piece lonika and iota moto . Her zero waste life means tote-bags to and from the farmers market, or on her way to set up a picnic in the park on a crisp autumn afternoon. Look good, feel good.    


model: Lauren Singer, Trash is for Tossers, photography: Maeghan Donohue, illustration: Daniel Silverstein

the piece project, part 2. 

piece out


How you stay sexy and sustainable? Lauren puts the finishing touch on the perfect look for a night out. Slipping into separates makes everything easier. The cross top and flirt skirt mix and match with just about everything Lauren has in her wardrobe making sexy and sustainable not only possible but simple.  


model: Lauren Singer, Trash is for Tossers, photography: Maeghan Donohue, illustration: Daniel Silverstein

the piece project, part 1.

don't fall to pieces


With everything the city has to offer, it can seem challenging to stay chic and zero-waste. Here Lauren shows us how she does it in her professional life. The fragment dress and iota moto make a perfect pair when she is running to a meeting with an investor for her upcoming line of sustainable cleaning products, the simply co.


model: Lauren Singer, Trash is for Tossers, photography: Maeghan Donohue, illustration: Daniel Silverstein 

styling with spines


I love Eco-cult's Alden Wicker awesome sense of style.  She puts together outfits that dispel any notion that sustainable choices can't be cutting edge and covetable.  Here she rocks our latest piece project look, the 100% organic cotton fleece jersey spine shirt.  I like the "spine" detail because it helps to  eliminate waste but mostly I like it because I think spines look badass.  You?  

photographer: Elizabeth Stilwell of  The Notepasser

ds cloud top copy.jpg

printed pieces.


Creating original prints for the collection is one of my favorite parts of the design process. The print used in this piece project shirt was originally featured in our fall 14 collection. One of the joys of creating my own prints is the chance to collaborate.  I've worked with my grandmother, a prolific watercolor and oil painter and with long time friend and talented textile designer Kayleigh Martin.  In fact, Kayleigh created this bold swirling cloud pattern.  So happy we were able to feature this one of a kind print again.  


wear it your way


Made with 100% silk jersey, the easy to wear pewter colored mischief shirt is a style chameleon.  Wear it day or night, at the office or at a bar, under a blazer or paired with skinny jeans. Regardless, it'll look perfect every time.   Your closet will thank you.  And with a price of $98, your wallet will too. 

Screenshot 2014-10-14 17.46.48.png

the gap's "do more" blog highlights daniel silverstein.


So it turns out long time retailer The Gap has a blog, Do More, that highlights community, innovation, opportunity and sustainability.   We like it.  We really like the subject of their  10.10 post...Daniel Silverstein! If you have a second, read it.  Who knows, maybe one day we'll get the chance to collaborate with this major chain to create a zero waste collection!   Talk about doing more!


part two…coming soon!


Illustrating part 2. Can't wait to show you!


the division shift


Sexy, easy, comfy. Just a few words to describe the division shift. Made of 100% silk jersey, it's a must-have base for the season. Layered with our cropped iota moto, your favorite oversized cardigan, a denim jacket… or hey, by itself, the division shift is where it's at. 


the iota moto


The jacket you never knew you needed…until you put it on! I worked for days and days with this small piece of black ponte left over from our Fall 2013 journey dress production run. Then it hit me. A mini moto jacket! I was excited to see how the piece came together complete with "spine" appliqué on the sleeves. What really blew me away though, is how much I loved the jacket with EVRY SINGLE LOOK! Everyone who has tried this little guy in can't seem to get enough, and the violet silk satin binding doesn't seem to hurt! Enjoy the iota moto.


the fragment dress


An insider's look at the fragment dress... pieced together with materials going as far back as far as my second collection designed in 2011. The grey material is a sumptuous blend of silk and a fiber called lyocell, made of wood pulp. This stuff feels incredible, and is totally sustainable. Love that.  When we combine it with the stretch and comfort of the nylon/spandex color blocks and stretch vegan leather…unstoppable.


she's sew good


Meet Olga, our most extraordinary dressmaker.  Her attention to detail is exquisite, elevating the fit of every piece.  Though designing for the piece project hasn't been without its challenges, Olga has been a major factor in making it all work.  


ready, aim, shoot


No collection is complete without expert photography.  And I am not talking about smartphones!  For the last several seasons, I've been working with Maeghan Donahue who has shot  lookbooks, live events, editorial and ecommerce for me.  Of course, she was my first choice to shoot the piece project.  As always, the images are stunning.  I can't wait to show them to you.


hangin' around


When I started the collection back in 2010, one of my mentors told me I needed some beautiful hangers to display my collection. As a new brand on a limited budget, you can imagine that spending a few hundred dollars on hangers could seem like a crazy idea. I am so glad I took her advice. These hangers have shown 9 collection, and unlike plastic or wire hangers, I have not had to replace a single one.  Great sustainable investment. Zero waste. 


it's all about the fit


Fit is everything. That is why before photographing a collection and beginning production on new styles we make sure to fit each style on a model. I assess every style one by one, and make changes to our patterns. This process can be labor intensive but when you zip up the finished product, it is well worth it. 


cover girl


I am ecstatic to announce that blogger, zero waste enthusiast and girl about town Lauren Singer (trash is for tossers) will be featured in a stunning editorial to accompany the release of the piece project. The editorial will be photographed by Maeghan Donohue and will feature Lauren in looks from the piece project that fit into her day to day zero waste life in NYC.




The challenge of working only with fabrics on hand requires me to innovate even beyond my tried and true zero waste techniques.  Love where it's taking me.

 Also love that October's Fast Company "Innovation by Design" issue included me as a designer who is "changing how we dress."  Truly honored.


close up


"the details are not the design. they make the design." 
-Charles Eames

The point at the back of the neck of this blouse is the result of the origami like folding that creates an interesting design and produces zero waste. 


things are getting sketchy.


Being a zero waste designer is always a challenge, but the piece project is bringing things to a whole new level. Normally things change a bit from my sketch to the real thing, but now the design process is completely on its head. Now that Victor has measured every piece of fabric in the studio, I am not just sketching an idea, but an idea for a piece of fabric with specific dimensions.

I must admit  at times the challenge and restrictions of this process can be mind numbing, but once I break through with a fabric or design, it's a serious design rush. 


where to begin?


Typically when designing a collection, I begin by sketching looks. These looks are usually inspired by something that has moved me like a piece of art, a film or even something quite ordinary in my daily life. Once I have completed my sketches, I look for fabric that will help me bring my designs to life. With this challenge, I'm working in reverse; the beautiful remnants of fabric I have in front of me are my inspiration.  

You can imagine how many different kinds of fabrics I have from all of the looks I've created in the past four years. Thanks to our amazing intern Victor, figuring out how to best use this fabric was a cinch.  He meticulously measured every piece and created our swatch board.  

Now the sketching begins....


introducing the piece project

After wrapping production on an amazing season, I noticed that although each design was was zero waste, I was left with ends of rolls and pieces of fabric that didn't get used. Being of a zero-waste mind, I saw all of these beautiful un-used materials as an opportunity. This inspired me to create zero waste designs for this season using only what I had already in the studio.

Enter the piece project.

I'm excited to share the process with you and reveal the final designs starting October 1st.  The piece project capsule collection will be available for sale exclusively on our website, and in limited quantity…until the pieces run out.