about zero waste

in fashion: 

textile pollution is a growing problem in the fashion industry.  the council for textile recycling says that more than 70 pounds of textiles per US citizen are going in to landfills annually, that means over 21 BILLION pounds this year alone. at daniel's studio, fabric waste is kept to zero. pattern making techniques, appliqués, tiled mosaics and embellishments absorb one hundred percent of the textile goods that are brought into the studio and ZWD takes factory scraps and turns them into new goods. 

daniel has mastered the process of large and small scale production without textile byproducts being brought to landfill, a process he is now bringing to designers including STUDY NY, NOORISM and EILEEN FISHER. If you are interested in having your company's designs be made zero waste and produced in the USA, please contact us here

zero waste is the goal of both the garments and the studio. we use recycled and recyclable materials in our shipping, packaging and office materials as well as a zero waste mindset in every day company life, eliminating trash wherever possible. we are constantly improving the process remaining conscious and aware of places to make change. 

for information you can use about collecting, processing or recycling your own textile waste, visit The United States Environmental Protection Agency

at home:

the zero waste lifestyle was popularized by lauren singer, daniel's co-founder of PACKAGE FREE. living zero waste means sending nothing to landfill and avoiding excess packaging when buying consumer products. together, the two have created a one stop shop for how to reduce your every day waste from the reusable alternatives to single use disposable plastics to the DIY skills one needs to reduce their waste. 

"for my every day routine, I make sure to bring a few simple items with me, and this allows me to live waste free wherever I go. Each day, I take a reusable tote bag, a set of bamboo utensils, a metal drinking straw, a reusable coffee/drinking cup and a small cosmetic pouch with some baking soda (for smelly feet, pits or an emergency toothpaste) and a bamboo toothbrush and some sustain condoms...cause...you never know."

all of these items are available at PACKAGE FREE, and can help any individual make a big impact in their life and on the enviornment today. for more helpful tips on living a zero waste life, check out www.trashisfortossers.com.