lace front sweatshirt

laceraglanmodels (1).jpg
laceraglanmodels (1).jpg

lace front sweatshirt


every zero waste daniel product is made using a closed loop production system and technique called reroll. one of our genius lead makers mia wants you to be your best yourself in her limited edition crop top. say a lot with a little.


  • no two shirts are exactly alike.
  • each artistic "tiling" design is unique. 
  • solid colors feature textural variation.
  • we source our fabrics 100% in brooklyn
  • by purchasing a ZWD piece, you are supporting:
    • a reduction in textile pollution
    • local artisans and crafters
    • made in america
    • fair labor practices
    • a sustainable fashion habit

                      *size and fit are standard


NOTE: all shirts are shipped from our brooklyn make/shop at 369 hooper street.

This item may take 3-5 business days to ship. You will receive a notice once your item has left our store.

photos are of size s. 

CUSTOM: did you know you can customize your ZWD for just 50 bucks? add this tee into your cart and click here to further customize it! 

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