ZWD Produce Sticker Patch

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ZWD Produce Sticker Patch


We live in a world where things aren’t real unless they have a tag or a sticker or a label or and @ symbol on them.

 You want to talk real? We branded fruit people…

What’s the difference between a dole and a Chiquita banana?

Like do you ever go in the grocery store and you just really want a watermelon. 

And it's like baffling how many choices of watermelon there are, there is the watermelon with no seeds, the regular watermelon that's not organic, the watermelon that is organic, the watermelon that's the yellow kind, and All of those have a plastic produce sticker on them with like a happy dancing sun that makes you thirsty for watermelon printed on it. But wait, there’s more.  if you’re not able to house an entire melon then you have the following options: a pre-cut half or quarter of a watermelon in plastic wrap with a sticker or you can buy cubed watermelon into different sizes, that come in a hard plastic, and sometimes with mixed fruit on top, and always with a stickers, and sometimes even a plastic fork, but it's much more convenient because it's only the amount that I want right now and it's cut and it's cold.


So basically if I want a lot of watermelon, i have little waste, If I want a little watermelon, I have more waste than watermelon, and If I want no waste, I can’t have any watermelon at all!

do you see my dilemma?

every zero waste daniel product is made using a closed loop production system and technique called reroll. All scraps are kept until they’ve been used. 


  • Each patch is hand made in the ZWD Brooklyn Make/Shop Made from scrap materials gathered from the fashion industry

  • No two patches are ever exactly alike

  • Patches can be framed or added to clothing

  • Comes with iron on backing.

  • Each ZWD produce sticker is approximately 7”x 5”

    • hand wash only as needed

    *Additional hand or machine sewing recommended for best results.

    NOTE: all products are shipped from our brooklyn make/shop at 369 hooper street. This item is handmade and will ship 2/28/2019

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