the mission of zero waste daniel is to tackle and change industry norms by reimagining design and creation without waste.

we make kick ass clothing that sends nothing to landfill.

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we believe that:

  • all resources (materials, people, energy, time and imagination) are valuable

  • good design utilizes all available resources, provides functional solutions for customers and does not create waste

  • clothing production should send nothing to landfill

  • putting energy into reusing wasted materials is better than creating new ones

  • customers deserve to know how their clothes are made

  • all workers must be paid a fair wage

  • it is the company’s responsibility to only promote true narratives that hold the company itself accountable for transparent practices

  • it takes time to do things the right way, but we can make it easy and convenient

“fashion is dead but its lost spirit of innovation and general cultural relevance are about to come back in the form of couture.” when li edelkoort, a leading trend forecaster, made this announcement in her 2015 manifesto, puzzlement and disbelief dominated many people's reactions. in i-D, sarah raphael articulated well the sentiment: “if fashion is indeed excluding itself from the cultural conversation of the new generation, surely couture is the worst offender. with only a handful of designers still bothering with the art of it, and kanye west telling the world fashion should be affordable and democratic, it's hard to imagine this high-brow art form making a comeback.”

indeed, couture — the art of sewing — would have to be reimagined. 

that is what zero waste daniel does. we are the first company making 100% zero waste clothes. thanks to daniels ReRoll technique, we make unique fashion pieces by applying the art of sewing to the scraps that abound due to fashion industry’s wasteful practices. by reimagining sewing we have also reinvented fabric. we provide zero waste ReRoll fabrics to those, companies and individuals alike, who join our quest for innovation, sustainability, and justice. all zero waste daniel products are unisex, our labor practices withstand scrutiny, as you can witness by visiting the zero waste daniel make/shop in brooklyn, 369 hooper street, where all our production takes place. 

stop by and see the art of sewing in action.