preloved black "hand cut zerowastedaniel lettering logo" jogger s

preloved black "hand cut zerowastedaniel lettering logo" jogger s

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part of the 2019 "sorry about fashion" collection. this item is a sample/worn but good condition.


  • Originally made out of 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps, design room waste and leftover materials. This is the stuff that is usually sent to landfill BEFORE it is ever turning into clothing. It may be the excess fabric of a brand's order, something that was dyed the 'wrong' color, or just a discard after design changes! At ZWD we always use fabrics that have never been previously used or worn.
  • Every zero waste daniel product is made using a closed loop production system and technique called ‘ReRoll’. All scraps are kept until they’ve been used. 

  • Our buyback program is part of our zero waste approach to circular fashion. 

care instructions: we recommend that you machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle or hand wash your zwd garments. after they spin dry, lay items flat, or hang them to dry. do not use machine heat, it may shrink your garments. do not bleach zwd items. use light steam as needed. if using an iron, always place a towel or a press cloth between the surface of your zwd garments and the hot plate of the iron. use a medium-low heat setting. 

this item was made in the NYC.

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