5 Easy Steps to Live a More Zero Waste Life


1. Train yourself to see waste.

It's often clear and plastic and we see right through it, so once you are able to see where it is you are able to live without it more easily.

2. Don't leave home unprepared!

in every situation, a couple of key reusables will help you avoid waste no matter what your day and lifestyle look like. Check out my go to zero waste reusable list.

3. Not all waste is physical waste.

To truly be in the zero waste mindset you should consider all your resources as precious: energy, time, electricity. Just because you cannot hold it in your hand, does not mean you cannot waste it.

4. Don't be too harsh on yourself.

Think about living zero waste as a practice. The same way you practice law, yoga, medicine, no one is perfect all the time and you always have to work on improving your practice. When you make a mistake, learn and do your best next.

5. Have fun and stick with it!

When you start looking into finding your most sustainable option as a game every aspect of your life becomes more exciting. Turn your life into a zero waste video game to unlock new levels and see it as a fun challenge not a limiting way of life. 

We play this game with friends even when we are out like "Let's find the most zero waste thing here at Duane Reade," because we are going to get something anyway. Rather than not going out where friends are going with the "there is nothing for me" mentality.

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