What are my ZWD clothes made out of?

Your unique zwd clothes are made out of 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps, design room waste and leftover materials

What are ‘pre-consumer cutting room scraps, design room waste and leftover materials'?

This is the stuff that is usually sent to landfill BEFORE it is ever turning into clothing. It may be the excess fabric of another brand's order, something that was dyed the 'wrong' color, or just a discard after design changes! At ZWD we only use fabrics that have never been previously used or worn.

Do you make your pieces out of old clothing?

NO, we don't! :-) We always work with fabric that was discarded BEFORE it was ever turned into finished garments or worn.

Where do your 'scraps' come from?

The scraps we use come from sample factories in New York City, production studios around the US, and partnerships with brands and fabric recycling non-profits like FabScrap!

Some of your pieces have large pieces of solid fabric,
are those 'scraps' also?

Yes! On an industrial scale, some 'scraps' are actually 10's and 100's of yards! At ZWD, we work with discarded pieces large and small.

You say each of your pieces is 'one of kind", how similar will my ZWD be to the ones in the product photos?

Very similar! Our unique ReRoll process ensures that the placement of fabric will always be different, but we always create stretch fabrics of similar weights that fit within the same color pallet. Your piece will be unique to you, but very much resemble what's pictured on the website!

Who makes my clothes?

Originally founded in 2015, Zero Waste Daniel has grown to include a network of collaborators and contractors across New York City who set their own fair wages and hours.

How do I wash zwd?

Machine wash on cold and hang or lie flat to dry.

Will all the different fabrics make zwd fit weird?

No, not at all! :-) - At ZWD, we always utilize similar materials that work together to make a standard shape and fit!

How do I know what size I am?

You can find our corresponding size charts on each individual product page!

How much of an impact am I making by purchasing a zwd product?

For every piece of zwd purchased, roughly one pound of fabric waste is kept from hitting a landfill.

Are there any discounts I am eligible for?

Yes, there is! We offer a 10% discount to students and veterans. email us at with a valid form of identification to get your very own discount code!

How long will it take to get my order?

Shipping time always depends on the item purchased. ‘In stock’ items ship within 5 business days from purchase date. Custom orders, mosaics, limited edition, and ‘all over reroll' products are handmade in Brooklyn and ship within 2-6 weeks of purchase. Slow fashion isn’t always instant, but we promise to bring you ethically made, impactful pieces that make you look good and feel proud! Check each individual item for individualized information on ship time. If you have questions about current timing, email

Can I donate my fabric scraps to you?

Unfortunately, we can't take on all donations (even though we'd love to.) If you'd like to inquire about fabric donations, please e-mail with a photo of what you are hoping to donate! We cannot accept any finished, worn, or old garments (it just isn't what we work with , but encourage you to do some research on local donation sites near you!)

What's your return and exchange policy?

If you wish to return or exchange your purchase, we will gladly accept unworn, unwashed or defective items. merchandise must be in its original condition (including tags and packaging) and post-marked within 14 days of receipt of delivery. All sales of custom merchandise, discounted orders, and orders bought with a coupon, discount, or store credit code are final.

contact us at for any questions and return inquiries.

Do you offer carbon neutral shipping?

Yes! At Zero Waste Daniel, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in every aspect of our business, including shipping. That's why we have chosen to ship our products with carbon neutral shipping. Shipping can have a significant impact on the environment, as it contributes to carbon emissions that lead to climate change. Carbon neutral shipping is a process that offsets the carbon emissions generated during shipping by investing in renewable energy projects or other initiatives that reduce greenhouse gases. This means that the carbon emissions produced during the transportation of our products are balanced out by the reduction of carbon emissions in other areas. By choosing to ship with carbon neutral shipping, we are taking a proactive approach towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.