How We Pack & Ship Zero Waste

Not only is our clothing production zero waste, we also strive to pack and ship with the least amount of waste possible! Here is how ZWD gets to you.

We love everything that is personalized and attentive to detail, so why stop at the clothes! We use post-consumer recycled paper envelopes and avoid  excess packaging material like poly bags and peanuts. Whenever necessary, we use recycled pattern paper leftover from our production for wrapping. Occasionally, we use paper tape to close envelopes that have more pieces in them to ensure they will remain closed until their final destination. Finally, to personalize each order we include a little hand written note on a recycled paper postcard.

That's just the inside... The envelope has a ZWD logo printed with a reusable rubber stamp.

Once we close the envelope with your desired pieces, we apply a label printed with your shipping information. This, not only saves us time at the post office, it also ensures that we use paper and stickers that are the most sustainable alternative out there.

Sometimes zero waste is about putting in effort to research the best products out there. We choose the ones that help us be the most authentic to our values so that we can offer you the best. Having a system in place that supports our mission of zero waste took some time to set up, but ultimately helps us run smoothly and efficiently with minimal waste.

The whole process is as minimalist as can be while keeping your order safe and looking chic when it arrives on your doorstep. Putting the planet first, doesn't have to mean sacrificing style!


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